How to be a Pro in fields of AI: Resources to master

Here are some really useful resources to have a head-start in different important topics related to machine learning and other fields of AI.

  • Get most recent publications in here
  • Get great list of Deep Learning Papers in here
Books in core Artificial Intelligence
Books in Reinforcement Learning
Books in Deep Learning
Books in Machine Learning
  1. In Python
      2. In R (Based on statistical learning)
     3. In MATLAB
     4. In WEKA
  • Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques by Ian H. Witten and Eibe Frank in here and here
  • Look into this elaborated appendix of WEKA for this book in here
Books in Pattern Recognition
Some great blogs
Topic-specific lectures and video tutorials

In addition to the above-mentioned resources, there are some extremely important areas AI share and extend concepts with. Three most useful of them are Linear Algebra, Calculus (with extensions to multivariable calculus) and Probability and Statistics. Complete understanding and reasoning of these areas will help you grasp many involved topics of neural networks, deep learning, computer vision etc. Below are some great books and online resources you should check in order to master them.

Linear Algebra
  1. Books
      2. Video Tutorials
  1. Books
      2. Video Tutorials
Probability and Statistics
  1. Books
      2. Video Tutorials

The best way to learn a concept is to apply them to solve a real problem with hands-on programming. In the fields of AI, you will have to work with a large amount of data, in more advanced level, big data. Therefore, decent idea of software engineering including parallel programming, how to work with CPU, GPU and TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) etc. are equally important. Below are some resources where you will get firm knowledge about these stuffs.

Parallel Programming (In Python)
GPU accelerated Machine Learning
TPU accelerated Machine Learning

I hope you have found this article useful. Please feel free to comment below about any questions, concerns or doubts you have. Also, your feedback on how to improve this blog and its contents will be highly appreciated.

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